1. past tense - rose; verb
1) (to become greater, larger, higher etc; to increase: Food prices are still rising; His temperature rose; If the river rises much more, there will be a flood; Her voice rose to a scream; Bread rises when it is baked; His spirits rose at the good news.) stoupat
2) (to move upwards: Smoke was rising from the chimney; The birds rose into the air; The curtain rose to reveal an empty stage.) stoupat
3) (to get up from bed: He rises every morning at six o'clock.) vstávat
4) (to stand up: The children all rose when the headmaster came in.) vstát
5) ((of the sun etc) to appear above the horizon: The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.) vycházet
6) (to slope upwards: Hills rose in the distance; The ground rises at this point.) zvedat se
7) (to rebel: The people rose (up) in revolt against the dictator.) povstat
8) (to move to a higher rank, a more important position etc: He rose to the rank of colonel.) povýšit
9) ((of a river) to begin or appear: The Rhône rises in the Alps.) pramenit
10) ((of wind) to begin; to become stronger: Don't go out in the boat - the wind has risen.) zdvíhat se; sílit
11) (to be built: Office blocks are rising all over the town.) vyrůst (budova), být postaven
12) (to come back to life: Jesus has risen.) vstát z mrtvých
2. noun
1) ((the) act of rising: He had a rapid rise to fame; a rise in prices.) vzestup
2) (an increase in salary or wages: She asked her boss for a rise.) zvýšení (platu)
3) (a slope or hill: The house is just beyond the next rise.) stoupání, návrší
4) (the beginning and early development of something: the rise of the Roman Empire.) počátek, vzestup
3. adjective
the rising sun; rising prices; the rising generation; a rising young politician.) stoupající, nastupující, nadějný
- late riser
- give rise to
- rise to the occasion
* * *
• tyčit se
• vzrůstat
• vstal
• vstát
• vzestup
• vzrůst
• vstane
• zvýšení
• povstání
• povstat
• rise/rose/risen
• stoupání
• stoupat

English-Czech dictionary. 2013.

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